Who We Are and What We Offer

We are an educational society seeking to disseminate the latest knowledge concerning all aspects of concurrent product development. Our technology base is particularly valuable to companies trying to learn from the trials and tribulations and the ultimate resolutions experienced by companies that have successfully implemented Concurrent Product Development or, as it is sometimes known, Concurrent Engineering.

We are inexpensive to join and have a 20 year track record of pushing knowledge forward in industry. We have produced 10 major conferences, and are hard at work on our 11th annual conference. We have substantial benefits available only to our members including: News and Notes, a huge data base of past conferences, papers, articles and publications, access to a network of high level professionals, and discounts to conferences.

Our Mission

SCPD exists to stimulate a community of thinkers who act with intent to effectively innovate big solutions that will create a healthy future.

Our Values


To embrace rapid product realization techniques and to advance our nation’s economy, driven by ourselves, our companies and our Sponsors.

Member Recognition

To individuals in our organizations as facilitators of improvement, to our companies and to Sponsors for foresight in fostering environments that lead to the adoption of improved design practices.


To satisfy our thirst for continuing personal development and renewal and to provide an accessible resource for industry as a whole, bringing new knowledge and skills to the workplace.


To stay abreast of industry trends, to interact with like- minded professionals and to identify opportunities for business relationships.


To make professional acquaintances and to solidify old relationships; taking the SCPD meeting as a professionally rewarding yet enjoyable ?time out? from the pace of daily work.

Our Vision

To be recognized by industry, academia, and by other professional societies as the best value source to attain the knowledge necessary to achieve advanced product development capabilities and practices.

Our Objectives

  1. Disseminate knowledge to promote understanding of Concurrent Engineering (CE) and Integrated Product Development (IPD) concepts and processes.
  2. Provide a continuous forum for networking and sharing of ideas among professionals in all disciplines involved in product development.
  3. Improve enterprise effectiveness by expanding the CE/IPD Body of Knowledge by emphasizing the implementation of practical approaches in industry.
  4. Participate in the origination and/or refinement of the Concurrent Engineering knowledge using both internal capabilities and collaborative relationships.
  5. Foster a continuous learning organization by maintaining an SCPD Body of Knowledge that remains comprehensive while focusing resources and activities on emerging and leading edge techniques.
  6. Operate to achieve multi-national and multi-lingual communications and text capabilities.

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