Society of Concurrent Product Development

Integrating Strategy, People, Process, Tools, & Technology

Why do we exist?

SCPD exists to stimulate a community of thinkers who act with intent to effectively innovate big solutions that will create a healthy future.

The Society of Concurrent Product Development (SCPD) is a non-profit 501 (c) (6) organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We seek to accomplish our mission through developing and running conferences, writing and publishing papers as well as a quarterly newsletter, and holding educational events. For example to provide guidance and support for concurrent engineering practitioners, SCPD fosters networking opportunities at Worldwide and Chapter events throughout the year.

Active members often choose to also participate in the governance and operation of Worldwide and local Chapters. We are an entirely volunteer organization; there is no paid staff at SCPD. We encourage members to become active in SCPD for the knowledge, contacts, and recognition that accrue to them as individuals and to their employer organizations.

About SCPD

Value Proposition:

Provide access to a body of knowledge supported by a community of practitioners.

Specifically, SCPD focuses on corporations and for profit businesses for the purpose of improving concurrency and teamwork. We do this through our own efforts and through relationships with other for profit and non-profit groups like us whose mission is to improve the productivity of new product creation.

Our relationships span organizations that provide services, software, hardware technologies, and other types of tools that allow individuals and teams enhance results for a given amount of resources. Our partners range from companies promoting new innovative approaches to product and services development from conceptualization through market introduction, to tried and true techniques and tools that have fallen by the wayside in the ever-changing corporate world. In keeping with our values, we occasionally seek out Event Partners and Sponsors that are focused on rapid and economical product and service realization techniques at any point along the value-creation process.

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